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OnigiriFB subs!

Because we want to share Arashi love with everyone

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Sharing the Arashi love



While fan-girling with a bunch of friends at SBK fansub's forum I realized people want to see subs of Arashi videos people aren't putting out so I thought I'd give it a try for fun. Keep in mind this is FOR FUN. If it stops being fun for me I'll stop. I'm not a professional translator and only took 4 years of Japanese during high -school (which was a LONG time ago) so please forgive any errors that may show up. Let me know if you catch anything, if you please, it's only little ole me translating. m(___)m


I'm Amanda aka arashilove7979 and I'm the timer and layout designer for onigiri (and an occupational nino lover) ~i help make her job easier~ =P
I'm a huge arashi fan girl and have always wanted to be a part of a fangroup to help spread the arashi boys' magic XD. i'm still new and like onigiri i make mistakes =P
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu^^

Hello there!~
I'm Micchy, nice to meet you! ^0^~ I'm the encoder here for OnigiriFBsubs :D I'm fairly new to the process though, but i'm hoping to improve more and more as we release more videos! :] I've always wanted to create/join a fansubbing team too, so here i am LOL~ All thanks to the Arashi thread at SBK XP
I'm a huge Arashi fan and my ichiban is the TsuriBaka! :D He's just too cute isn't he? :P
I hope you'll stay and support us as our releases gradually increase! Yorushiku!~



Budjoy here! If you're wondering why you haven't heard of that name all throughout the community, it's because my friends here know me as Ryo-tan. :) I'm one of the moderators along with Sock. I'm not fluent in Japanese and I'm just no good with technical stuff so I figured this is the best job for me. ;p Please support the community. Let's keep things fun. We don't want Onigiri stopping, ne? ^^


Hi everyone!

I know it has taken a while for me to put up my profile, but I go by sock around here. I'm not any good with the technical stuff with regards to translating, so I'm just a moderator helping out with the administrative stuff. I pick up odd tasks here and there. I, like Amanda design the layouts. The current one (Arashi in bed. XD) was designed by me. =) I'll also be picking up some QC/Editing and typesetting tasks later on, when everyone's workload in the comm and real life clash. Anyway, hope you guys have a wonderful time at this comm!

- - - - -

And following in other fansubbers footsteps out there here are the same rules:


* DO NOT POST our files to multimedia streaming sites

* DO NOT SELL our files, or make money out of them

* DO NOT REPOST our links outside the community

* DO NOT REUPLOAD our files to other sites

* DO NOT REENCODE our files, not even to other formats

* Not really a rule, but COMMENTS and FEEDBACK would be really LOVED!
(Because I'm not being paid to sit in front of the computer staring at the subbing program
for hours on end you know. A little loving would be nice.)


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